Scoliosis Therapy

Intensive training to straighten the spine is particularly effective during the juvenile growth phase.

We use the three-dimensional Scoliosis Therapy by Lehnert/Schroth.

What is scoliosis, and what are its causes?

In a scoliosis, the spine exhibits bulges, mostly consisting of three or four curves. Scoliosis occurs most often idiopathically; meaning developed from within itself. Other causes can be: accidents, paralysis, differences in leg lengths, rickets, physical dispositions in the family, and more.

What is “three-dimensional Scoliosis Therapy”?

The three-dimensionally deformed scoliotic torso will be adjusted in three directions (sagital = from front and back, bilateral = to both sides, and longitudinal = from top to bottom), until the counter-image or correction is achieved.

This method is also used to treat postural defects or weaknesses (hunched back, flat back, hollow back, deep funnel chest and pelvis misalignment).

This therapy is based on the following steps:

Step 1: Intensive work to rebuild the muscular body balance (increased tension on lengthened muscles, stretch and lengthen contracted muscles)
Step 2: Strength training to stabilize the muscular system
Step 3: Adjustment, Respiration Therapy
Step 4: Detailed development of an individual exercise program for daily use

Who will benefit from three-dimensional scoliosis therapy?

Children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis, postural defects or weaknesses, and respiratory problems are all candidates for this type of treatment.

It is proven that intensive training during the juvenile growth phase is most effective and recommended.

It is advisable for patients with surgically treated scoliosis or stiffened scoliosis to include this physiotherapeutic treatment to establish a new postural and physical awareness, and to eliminate old patterns.

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