To achieve an unrestricted, pain free, able-bodied and enjoyable physical state through physical methods and treatments.

Unusual stresses to the body, impacts by accident or surgery, medical conditions, birth trauma, or delayed development and genetic dysfunction can disturb one’s physical balance.

The following physiotherapeutic treatments can be used:

Your attending physician will prescribe a suitable treatment, depending on your diagnosis. We will gladly advise you or your physician to find the ideal type of treatment for your special case.


Often our one-sided occupational and/or general living conditions can cause physical disorders. Avoidance of these, or preventive measures, is advisable. Massages, Thermal Treatments, Lymphatic Massages and individual exercise classes can be used as preventive measures of physiotherapy.

Gentle Spine Mobilization by Dorn

The “Dorn Method” is a manual therapy, similar to chiropractic, but more gentle in execution.

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