Our Focus

Corpus Libra’s comprehensive knowledge across multiple professional competencies allows us to offer the most extensive care available. Ours is a treatment facility where we offer consultation and treatments for any condition and symptoms.

Very often, discomfort and symptoms have to be examined in a systemic sense. This means the initial problem has occurred in the past and has now affected and altered the system as a whole. The spine, for example, can play a major role, because it has not only structural and static significance, but it also holds the central nervous system. Malfunction on this level can cause extensive disruptions in nervous conduction and stimulus processing of the brain. This has an influence on communication, information, and control and alignment of all systems of the body.

Because of this significance, we will describe the spine first.

We have special expertise in the following:

Syndrome and pain of the spine as headaches, neck pain, back- and chest pain, lumbar spine and lower back pain, radiating pain in arms and legs, prolapsed disc, disc protrusion, post-surgical conditions, nerve compression, nerve clumping, osteochondrosis, facet syndromes, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis (sliding disc), atlas displacement, whiplash injuries, birth trauma, blockages, and much more.

Specific problems of head and skull as migraine, headaches, tinnitus, jaw joint disorders, chewing and swallowing disorders, lack of concentration, hormone regulation, and more.

Children and infants: skull asymmetry, misalignment of the head joint, restlessness, learning difficulties, delayed development, colic in babies, disorder of the sucking reflex and the swallowing reflex, and more.

Pain and inflammation of joints, tendons, muscles, paranasal sinuses, larynx, and lymphatic structure caused by rheumatoid, arthritic, arthrotical and spontaneous inflammatory processes, general susceptibility to infections.

Organic problems of the stomach, digestive system, kidneys, bladder, liver and gall bladder, as well as spleen and pancreas.

Post-operative conditions after surgeries of abdomen, larynx, teeth and jaws, and neurosurgical, orthopedic, birth specific and plastic surgeries.  

Cognitive and motor deficits, i.e. anomalies and delays in early childhood development, or conditions after trauma and ischemic stroke.

Disabilities caused by birth complications, trauma or genetic defects.


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