Organization and Costs

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The practice departments are all linked via a reception area. We are pleased to make your appointment by phone, or just come by.

Parents of children who are treated by us can schedule simultaneous appointments for themselves, if requested in a timely manner.

The practice is at ground level. Parents with strollers, and patients with walking disabilities or wheelchairs have barrier-free access.

We are an appointment practice, so you do not have to expect long waiting times.

We recommend for you to arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Please plan sufficient time on your initial appointment for admittance and filling out admission forms.

Then you will be directed to the appropriate division. If you have an after-hours appointment and the reception is not occupied, please take a seat in the waiting area and wait until a therapist will pick you up.

If you have a medical prescription, please have it with you for your first appointment, as well as your insurance card.

Invoicing with health insurance companies:

For invoicing your health insurance a doctor's prescription is required.


Provided that there is a corresponding prescription from your physician, your child’s treatments are fully covered. Excluded are osteopathic treatments. These costs are usually out of pocket.

For adults, if you have a prescription, there is a prescription charge and a co-payment. This is required by law. Exempted patients are excluded from further co-payments, along with privately insured patients. Prescriptions from the employers' liability insurance association (Berufsgenossenschaft/BG) are excluded from co-payment.

Treatments such as osteopathy, NIS/Neurolink, and acupuncture are private services to be paid by the patient.

Osteopathy as a service for patients with statutory health insurance:

Occasionally some statutory health insurances award a grant for osteopathy, which is a positive development. A doctor's prescription is also necessary in this case.

If you depend on insurance reimbursement to cover your costs, please clarify your circumstances with us before beginning your treatment.

We can then review if osteopaths in our team accept your insurance and can treat you. Then you will have a greater security to obtain a grant. Osteopathy is still a private service and there is no entitlement for an allowance from your health insurance.

Cost for osteopathy:  EUR 90  

Integrative medicine and therapy

It is important, in the direct implementation of integrative medicine and therapy, to work with different combinations and concepts without restrictions. Advice on personal crises, difficult circumstances and situations in life can also be included if necessary. This allows effects on different levels in our organism and is therefore effective on rehabilitation and healing.

Treatments of this kind cannot be billed with health insurances.

EUR 90,00 - 160,00

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