The Idea of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is a new concept that describes scientifically proven procedures from naturopathy and oriental medicine, interplayed with modern medicines.

"Everything is connected to everything else”.
The complex interactions and interrelations in our organism require appropriate attention.

"Take care of things while they are still small".
Therapeutic success can often occur spontaneously when a healthy course is established early on.

"Being healthy is the best medicine"
The point is to find health, to preserve and live it.

Individual solutions for individual people

We are in times of large-scale studies and statistical conclusions. Medical knowledge is correspondingly high. However, these findings cannot be transferred 1 to 1 to the individual. Diseases are a dynamic process affecting all aspects of a human being and his or her individual environments. Healing is a dynamic process as well; it is developed individually and should be guided accordingly.

Effective combination of various methods

Nowadays we have a large selection of medical and therapeutic procedures, based on orthodox medicine as well as complementary medicine. Integrative medicine is pragmatically selecting, and reasonably combining, the most beneficial methods for each patient. As a result, therapies achieve better effects and can significantly enhance the sustainability of multi-level treatments.

Integrated care by osteopaths and therapists

Too often, one by one treatments are tried for chronic conditions – mostly good approaches. The effectiveness can be increased several fold when single treatments are focused and coordinated just as in an orchestra.

Thus, integrative medicine combines various methods and approaches of conventional and complementary medicine to promote your recovery at all levels. 

This is why there is real chance for these interrelations to enable lasting and sustainable therapeutic success.

Those therapies that appear the most appropriate for you at this moment should be used. This can be a single method such as osteopathy or physiotherapy, or be a well-coordinated combination of different methods to improve your symptoms sustainably and to enable maximum health.

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